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As a quick thought experiment, the next time you are by your servers, look around, and imagine for a moment that it is gone. And not just the computers. Imagine that the entire building no longer exists. Next, imagine that your job is to get as much of the work that was being done on the server going in some fashion, some where, as soon as possible. What would you do?

By thinking about this, you have taken the first step of disaster recovery. Disaster recovery is the ability to recover from an event impacting the functioning of your organization's data as quickly and completely as possible. The type of disaster may vary, but the end goal is always the same.


PostHeaderIcon Reliant Remote Backup

The remote backup service provides for easy off-site storage of your data, while it remains easily available when you need it. 

We provide multiple service options starting from 1GB of data backup to as much as 50GB.  One of our network engineers will consult with you to setup your backups, test them and give you instruction on our easy-to-use backup management panel that keeps you in control.

The data is encrypted, compressed and transmitted.  After the initial backup of all of your data, Reliant automatically backs up only the new data and changes you've made to the data backed up previously. This incremental backup feature ensures that all of your data is always safe while minimizing bandwidth usage and cost.

Benefits of Online Backup:

  • Dependable backups - automatic backups means they always get done.
  • Cost effective - no hardware, tapes or tape management costs.
  • Reduced risk - your data is securely stored offsite and only you have access to it.
  • Reliable restoration - disk based restoration is more dependable than tape.
  • Convenient control - use your standard web browser to backup, monitor and restore your data.