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When your system fails, the last thing you want is for your IT Support to get stuck in traffic. Reliant is setup to resolve a variety of problems via remote management tools that help expedite the service you need. However, quality IT Management involves much more than just emergency support. We deploy remote access tools to unobtrusively monitor performance and identify/resolve issues before they compromise your network's performance.  At Reliant we believe excellent support is measured by the emergency calls you do not make. 


Some of the issues resolved remotely are: 

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PostHeaderIcon Network Support

  • Server Installation

  • Email setup, In-house or remote

  • T1/DSL Internet implementation

  • Virtual Private Network

  • SPAM filtering and Internet monitoring

  • Remote Access

  • Disaster recovery and prevention

  • Upgrade planning

  • Migration/Relocation

  • Website services and installation

  • Merchant shopping cart

  • Network firewall security

  • User management and security

  • Hardware & software procurement

  • License tracking


PostHeaderIcon Desktop Support

  • PC and laptop troubleshooting

  • Memory and hard disk upgrades

  • Anti-virus tools

  • Hardware & software procurement

  • PC imaging


PostHeaderIcon Remote Access & Security

  • Citrix and/or Windows Terminal Services from workers outside of the office

  • Secure connection to the office via VPN (open source, Linux based, no licensing)

  • Connecting multiple satellite offices via DSL or T1 by utilizing open source VPN

  • Iptables stateful Inspection firewall implemented on proven Linux distribution


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